about us

VAAS Medi Consultants Pvt Ltd, Company with its origins in 2009 as Global Medi Consultants fills a very important void in the Healthcare consulting domain. It was formed by key professionals from varied fields coming together with an aim to provide transparency in both quality of care and affordability of health services locally or overseas.

Our vision is to be able to assimilate and execute projects aimed at developing the quantum of health services locally thus empowering the Local Healthcare community and maintaining the WHO vision or the MDG goals of Healthcare for all by 2020. In our journey to achieve the same we want to assist the insured, uninsured, under insured or those stuck in waiting lines in their home country or overseas as the requirements maybe under the guideline of the Ministry of Health of the particular country. We as a company would be most interested in creating the programs within the framework of the existing infrastructure to be able to service the population within the environs rather than providing the overseas options.

Our process of implementation is well drafted and well understood by the concerned parties and has been appreciated at various forums in our territories of functioning. We are proud of the credibility that we have been able to draw from a very suspicious business environment which is reigned by the Tout culture for Medical tourism. The concept of improving the local infrastructure has also been well understood by our hospital Partners and we have been complimented by an approach of togetherness in this thus harnessing a complete synergy in terms of implementation and finalizing of the projects.

The Various modules which have been successfully implemented are:

1. Twinning Arrangements with and between Hospitals
2. Branding Activities for Indian Hospital overseas
3. Value Added medical travel services for Organizations
4. Continuous Medical Education for Local Specialists
5. Conferences between Specialists Organizations
6. Free OPD camps in Various Countries
7. Capacity Enhancement of Local Facilities for Government Organizations
8. Organizational Memorandum of Understanding
9. Third Party Assurers for Medical Insurances of Zimbabwe
10. Onsite Surgeries and Masterclass

Our Organization works fundamentally towards creating an environment in the region, keeping in view the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the WHO, where one and all have access to medical treatments for their disease. The organization works with a single point agenda of Disseminating ethical and transparent information, model communication, taking care of the safety, Healthcare deliveries and Affordability, enhancement of facility, Skills and Infrastructure in the region and be able to provide trust and transparency in all our endeavors towards and for the organizational development.

VAAS has committed itself to spread a healthy smile on all our clients' faces and provide committed healthcare for one and all through dedicated research and Committed Clinical Excellence & Successes.

We have committed ourselves to work towards enhancing the regional healthcare in the local environment and create local empowerment. Our Main goal is to be able to Pursue Medical care to the population who cannot afford to avail the Medical Travel options for Treatment. As per our research the number of sick people that can afford to travel is only 10-15% of the actual. We are working towards the 90% of that population.

Our Mission and vision statement reflects the same.

MISSION– Development Of Healthcare In The Region

VISION– Enhanced Regional Healthcare With Highest Clinical Success & Patientsafety

GOAL– Healthcare Options For All & Patient Affordability, Care & Safety

AIM– Local Healthcare Empowerment & Specialty Development

Our Core Strengths

Patient Safety, Care and Success First
Empaneled Physicians and Surgeons
Healthcare options for all
Empowerment of Local Healthcare
Awareness Programs
Onsite Surgeries
Hospital Management
Insurance and Corporate empanelment
Comprehensive clinical programs
Tele Medicine & Information Technology
Knowledge Management
Strategic Partnerships & Brand Management
Comprehensive Knowledge of Devices
Loyalty Programs and Discount schemes
Smiling and satisfied clients